Epson Ceiling Mount (White) - ELPMB23

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  • Part No.: ELPMB23
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Epson ELPMB23 Ceiling Mount to suit all models up to EB-1925W 


Mounting type: Ceiling


Colour of product: White

Adjustable: Y

Compatible products: EMP-1825 EMP-735 EMP-720 EMP-730 EMP-713 EMP-732 EMP-760 EMP-765 EMP-750 EMP-755 EMP-1700 EMP-1710 EMP-1815 EMP-1810 EMP-S5 EMP-X5 EMP-1705 EMP-400W EMP-822 mit Logitech Presenter EMP-1710 mit Logitech Presenter EMP-1715 mit Logitech Presenter EMP-400We EMP-822H EMP-83H EMP-83 EMP-83He EMP-83e EMP-822H mit Logitech Presenter EMP-1825 incl. Lamp EMP-1810 incl. Lamp EB-1725 EB-1735W EB-1730W EB-S6 EB-W6 EB-X6 EMP-X56 EB-X6e EMP-1717 EB-1725 inklusive Business-Trolley EB-1735W inklusive Business-Trolley EB-85 EB-825 EB-826W EB-S7 EH-TW450 EB-W8 EB-1910 EB-1915 EB-1920W EB-1925W EB-1900 EB-825H EB-826WH EB-824H EB-W8 Football Edition EB-1925W Football Edition EB-93 EB-D6155W EMP-82 EMP-X3 EMP-S3 EMP-S4 EMP-1715 EMP-X5e EMP-83 EMP-83e EMP-822 EB-X8e EB-D6250 EB-W12 EB-W12 EB-1775W EB-1770W EB-1760W EB-1750 EB-1880 EB-1860 EB-1840W MG-850HD EB-435W EB-425W EB-420 EB-430 EH-TW480 EB-1751 EB-1761W EB-1771W EB-1776W EB-93H EB-W16 EB-W16SK EH-TW550 EB-1965 EB-1945W EB-1935 EB-1950 EB-1960 EB-1940W EB-1930 EB-X24 EB-S03 EB-X03 EB-S18 EB-X18 EH-TW490 EB-570 EB-575W EB-580 EB-575Wi EB-585W EB-585Wi EB-595Wi EB-535W EB-525W EB-530 EB-1970W EB-1975W EB-1980WU EB-1985WU EH-TW570 EB-1430Wi EB-1420Wi EB-W28 EB-S27 EB-X27 EB-W29 EB-98H EB-945H EB-965H EB-955WH EB-W04 EB-U04 EB-W32 EB-U32 EH-TW5210 EH-TW5300 EH-TW5350


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Sold and Shipped by: Zotim
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