Plantronics 66268-02, A10-16 Direct Connect Cable, Wideband, Extremely Clear Sounds and Quality

Plantronics 66268-02, A10-16 Direct Connect Cable, Wideband, Extremely Clear Sounds and Quality, 1 Year

  • Part No.: 66268-02
  • Vendor: www.plantronics.com
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  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Gross Weight: 0.1 kg
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This direct connect headset to phone cable easily connects a Plantronics H-Series headset to most headset-ready phones via the headset port. Works with EncorePro, DuoPro, TriStar and SupraPlus Wideband headsets. Amplifier not needed when using this cable.

  • - Audio cable adapter with Quick Disconnect
  • - The A10 works with the EncorPro, DuoPro, TriStar and SupraPlus Wideband
  • - Excellent Quality
  • - Plantronics H-series Headset
  • - Plantronics P-series Polaris Headset
  • - H-Top to Polaris cable adapter
  • - Modular

Cable Type Headset cable


Designed For Plantronics DuoPro H151, H151N, H161, H161N, H171, H171N, H181, H181N Plantronics DuoPro Polaris P171, P171N, P171N-U10P, P171-U10P with Voice Tube Plantronics DuoSet H141, H141N, H141N/Z, H142N Plantronics Encore H101, H101N, H91, H91N Plantronics Encore Polaris P101, P101N, P101N-U10P, P101-U10P, P91, P91N, P91N-U10P, P91-U10P Plantronics FreeHand H131N, H132N Plantronics Mirage H41, H41N Plantronics Mirage Polaris P41, P41-U10P Plantronics Polaris P101N-U10P, P81N-U10P, P81-U10P Plantronics StarSet H31, H31C/D, H31CD, H31N Plantronics Supra H51, H51 with Vista M12 Amplifier, H51N, H61, H61 with M12 Vista Universal Amplifier, H61N, H61N with Vista M12 Plantronics Supra Polaris P51, P51N, P51N-U10P, P51-U10P, P61, P61N, P61N-U10P, P61-U10P Plantronics SupraPlus H251, H251 with Voice Tube, H251/A Voice Tube, H251N, H251N/A, H251N-UNC, H261, H261H, H261N, H261N-UNC, P251, P251N, P261, P261N, P261N-U10P Plantronics SupraPlus NC H251N, P251N-U10P Plantronics SupraPlus Polaris P251, P251 with Voice Tube, P251N, P251-U10P, P261 with Voice Tube, P261N, P261-U10P Plantronics SupraPlus SL H351, H351 with VoiceTube, H351N, H351N with Noise Canceling, H361, H361 with VoiceTube, H361N, H361N with Noise Canceling Plantronics SupraPlus SL Polaris P351 U10P, P351 with Voice Tube, P351N, P351N U10P, P351N with Noise-Canceling, P361 U10P, P361 with Voice Tube, P361N with Noise-Canceling Plantronics TriStar H81, H81N Plantronics TriStar Polaris P81, P81N, P81N-U10P, P81-U10P

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