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The Thermaltake Commander FT Touchscreen Fan Controller features a 5.5" screen that allows you to monitor and control up to 5 cooling fans. It displays the system's temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit and occupies a 5.25" external drive bay. Furthermore, it draws power from a 4-pin Molex connector and has five cables that connect to your fans. With Auto and Manual modes, you can let the Commander FT intelligently adjust the fan's speed based upon the temperature or set the speed yourself to provide maximum cooling or run the fans nearly silent. Additionally, you can individually view and control each fan via the 5.5" touchscreen.


Touchscreen Display
With the Commander FT's 5.5" touch panel, you can easily make on-the-fly cooling adjustments to provide better cooling or reduce the noise level.
Auto and Manual Modes
Selecting Auto mode allows the Commander FT to automatically adjust the speed of all your cooling fans based on thermal sensor temperature readings. With the customizable Manual mode, you can adjust the speed for each fan and save it in the settings. Furthermore, Commander FT keeps your settings even after a system reboot.
Performance and Silent Mode
Two adjustment arrows, which are located at the bottom left on the display, allow you to set the system's fans into Performance or Silent mode. The Performance mode is tuned for its best cooling performance by automatically adjusting all the fans to its fastest speed to quickly cool your system.
Intuitive Fan Speed Slider
The fan speed slider offers complete fan control through a user-friendly interface.
Channel Selector
The Commander FT supports up to five independent fans. To drive all types of fans efficiently, each channel delivers up to 10W of power. You can tap from '1' to '5' on the display to easily adjust fan speeds independently.
Thermal Monitoring
The Commander FT displays the temperature of the system and the speed (rpm) for an individual fan. In preferences, you can choose the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Additionally, the embedded temperature warning alarm can be set.