• How can I contact Zotim Australia?

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  • How do I update / change my account details?
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  • Why has my Shopping Cart (Shoppingcart) disappeared / cleared?

Order Processing

  • How long will it take before my order ships?


  • Can I pick up my order?
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  • What does ETA mean?
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  • Can I walk-in and buy items in your Showroom/Store?


  • What are your bank details?
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Refund/Returning goods to Zotim

  • How do I receive my refund?
  • Returning products after incorrect purchase.
  • Returning goods to Zotim
  • How can I be eligible for Refund, Return or Warranty Claim?
  • How can I be eligible for Refund, Return or Warranty Claim?


  • Shipping
  • Can I change my shipping address on a pending order?
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  • Do you ship internationally?
  • Can I check shipping cost before checking out?
  • How is shipping cost calculated?
  • How do I track my order when its shipped?
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  • Do you offer Transit Insurance for Lost or Damaged shipments?


  • What is the warranty period of the products listed on the Zotim website?
  • Warranty Claims