CPU-Cooler Thermal Paste
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Thermal Paste
Deepcool THP-Z3
Stock Available

Deepcool Z3-PASTE, Z3-2 Thermal Compound 1.5 Gram Tube


Deepcool THP-Z5
Stock Available

Deepcool Z5-THERMAL-PASTE, With 10% Ailver Oxide Compounds


Deepcool THP-Z9
Stock Available

Deepcool THP-Z9, High Performance Thermal Paste with 20% Silver Oxide Compounds


Arctic THP-AS
Stock Available

Arctic THP-AS, Cooling Premium Thermal Compound ( 3.5g ) for CPU, GPU, High Thermal Conductivity >350,000W/m2 °C (0.001 inch layer) , Low Thermal Resistance


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