Lenovo X1 Carbon C7 Review (2020)


Demanding, although light Prices start at $2,169 and fast ratchet upward from there, that can be the flagship company ultraportable of Lenovo. My inspection notebook sells for $3,059, however it maxed out on elements such as a display with service and contains a brand fresh carbon-fiber layout on its own lid. Fundamentally, it's all of the allure (and cost!) Ultraportable for customers in addition to Lenovo’s privacy and safety features for the company, easily making it among the finest in its category.

Irrespective of your selection, the webcam is fitted. The laptop's mics may also be trimmed for increased solitude. Lenovo also provides two solitude features with this version: Privacy Guard and Privacy Alert. The former makes it hard for people into the sides of the display to determine what you are looking to. PrivacyGuard is unfortunately only available on a number of those four display choices and Privacy Alert demands an IR camera from the notebook.


Though the X1 Carbon does not yell "look at me", it is certainly fashionable and durable, also. Lenovo says it satisfies 12 needs and travels through over 200 standard checks. At 1.08kg, you would never use the term "haul" when traveling or commuting with an X1 Carbon. You may access the X1 Carbon with a few Lenovo displays that will help block out what is on your screen when seen from both sides. The computer keyboard is spill-resistant and can be undoubtedly among the most comfortable keyboards you'll discover on a notebook that this narrow and you won't need to adapt to using it. Though many will wind up using the laptop Windows Precision Touchpad, I locate that the TrackPoint comes in handy at the plane, bus, or train seats.

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Nobody wants to lug a notebook together around for work. Its producers continue to make laptops that are dedicated to maintaining your productivity up while cutting back on dimensions and weight reduction. Even the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is also the perfect illustration: a small business laptop that is slimmer and lighter than the previous season's version whilst also improving battery life and without sacrificing performance.

The display will degrees, which provides you a lot of placement flexibility


Slim, lightweight, durable and attractive -- the ThinkPad X1 Carbon's sleek chassis checks all the right boxes.

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Practically unchanged, and therefore just as stunning as last year's model, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon has a minimalist aesthetic created by clean surfaces, smooth lines, and stylish branding. Of course, you still get all of the iconic design elements expected from a ThinkPad, but in a modern, ultraportable chassis made from carbon fiber and magnesium. Yes, Lenovo could trim down the display bezels or add some fancy chrome, but it's 2020, and the ThinkPad X1's largely unchanged chassis is still a marvel.

Durability and security

For your eyes only

The X1 Carbon is tested against 12 MIL-STD certifications for protection against extreme environments. In practical terms, this means you can take the ThinkPad X1 Carbon with you wherever you go and not worry when it's exposed to sand, dust, high altitudes, high humidity or UV radiation.

Securing your laptop from a digital attack is just as important as protecting the exterior. To keep bad actors from stealing your sensitive documents, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon uses a dTPM 2.0 chip and modern authentication techniques, including a fingerprint sensor and an IR camera for facial recognition.


Both models performed under my normal workload, but the bottom version started to decelerate once I loaded 20 Google-Chrome tabs and running a 1080p video. This sluggishness was clarified by 89 percent memory usage, virtually that has been consumed by Chrome. In case you are a multitasker, we recommend updating to 16GB of RAM (Core i7 with 16GB of RAM version conducted exactly the Exact Same workload with no hiccup)


I can joyfully report that the four-speaker installment on the 7th-gen X1 Carbon produces loud, punchy sound. Best of all, the speakers readily filled a medium-size room, and my songs were never distorted, when I cranked them to the maximum volume levels.
More concerning were the hollow, distant vocals on this track. Fortunately, I was in a position to utilize the EQ settings from the Dolby Atmos Speaker Settings program to earn the midsize more existing.


There are two different webcam, a standard camera and an IR camera for facial recognition.

The 720p lens was so sharp I could see my monitor's reflection in my mind. My face looked natural, and also the tricky lights dangling across my mind haven't overexposed. While I would be happy using the standard HD camera for videoconferencing, you'll want to obtain an external webcam for the upgraded IR camera, which now deals with image quality for the amenities of facial-recognition login.

Whenever you're not utilizing the webcam, you can slide over the ThinkShutter lens cover and stop worrying about people snooping for you.


Determined by incorporated Intel UHD 620 graphics, the ThinkPad X1 Carbon isn't meant for gambling or even GPU-intensive programs. Sure, you may play some simple games on the X1 Carbon, but anything beyond that really needs a different GPU.

Battery life

For the maximum battery life, bypass UHD Battery lifetime is somewhat disappointing. Lenovo maintains up to 18 hours, but that is not for the configuration I tested together with all the display which conducted for 6 hours from our movie evaluation that is streaming. Using electricity and monitor brightness adjustments, you may find workout from it but if you'd like to have the battery life, bypass the UHD display. If you are not too worried about the battery life, then you can take comfort in the notebook's quick-charge capacity that brings it around 80% in just an hour, ideal for recharging those airport layovers. Lenovo provides five display options with this version, three of which can be a resolution.

For daily office chores such as email and word processing, even however, you're going to be OK with the entry config conducting a 1.6GHz Intel Core i5-8th. If your times have you handling more jobs like working in spreadsheets or databases or generating multimedia presentations, or you want to have more headroom for your future, go right on and receive the i7. For worse or better, company laptops have a reputation for being bottoms of dullness.